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Truth about HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) FRAUD & SCAM!

Probably most of you already heard about or saw websites known as HYIP's (High Yield Income/Investment Program). This type of websites are offering high return of invested money in short time, with much higher profits than this offered by legal investment funds oferred by banks and offline financial institutions. 25%, 50% or even 100% return of investment in one month is well know as standard in HYIP programs.
Easiest way to Financial Independence? 
If you already was thinking that by putting one time $1000 or even more in program like that, you will dont have to work anymore, dont care about own financial situation, it means that you are naive, and you can fail in even bigger troubles than you was before you decided to invest in hyip program. I tried these type of programs on own skin, before i decided to trade alone on forex which was much better and safer decission, but more about it in another topic.
Are they really trading with my funds on Forex, Stocks and investing deposited funds?
First of all you should forgot that HYIP are Companies which are investing your funds in forex, stocks, indicies or even another niches like sport betting, gold, asia boom and many others. True is that 99,99% of HYIPs are nothing else than ponzi schemes which are not connected by any possible way with real investments, investors and everything what they described about self at main page. Ponzi Scheme is a website which is promising high return of investment without owning enough funds to cover it without referring new investors to join the program. Ponzi scheme is looking like a pyramid, where every new investor is covering profits of older members by putting own cash in to the program. Ponzi Scheme is paying as long as new members are investing own money to the program. When amount of new investors is decreasing, everything is falling down and turning to scam. This type of Scheme is always leaving  thousend of members with huge money loss, especially this ones which joined the website in last stage of HYIP lifetime.
They are Experts in creating own fake image!
HYIP owners are real experts in creating fake "honest" atmosphere around own program, and self. Below i described few tricks which scammer use to attract new potential investors to put own money in ponzi.
1) Good Design and Domain Name - Most of High Yield Investment Programs have very professionally designed website, with very attractive layout, and domain name containing tags like "fx's" "gold" "funds" "trade" etc, Design is usually very clear with many photos of happy people/testimonals, with frames containing news from stock-exchanges, markets etc to make it at first sight as a legit real website. Most of people around the web are visuals, and scammers know about it.
2) Attractive Description - Scammers use many ways to describe self as real professionals in investments niche. Usually you can read that they finished many degrees, that they are investing offline since over 10 years, that they earned over 20 millions durring perdiod before appearing online, that they own huge experience in forex trading, gold trading, sports betting or whatever to make them look even more legitimate. Be prepared for many tricks, in this niche scammers are very creative, and they always have in mind ideas which could stray you out from mind that they could be a next ponzi scheme.
.3) Registered Company - Still many people didnt discovered how it is easy to open fake offshore company which could be used to fraud activities. Scammers are usually advertising self as a real investment company, with virtual phone, office address, PO Box, or even bank account. If you are unable to contact with them directly, meet personally in office to verify who they really are, better stay away from them. Even calls are very often redirected to another country than you called. I also noticed that some Hyips were trying to impersonate self to be a part of real bank, or another legit financial institution.
4) Affiliate Program - Every ponzi scheme need new investors to keep paying old ones and allive longer period. Thats also why HYIPS are very often offering affiliate comissions from 5% to even 10% of each deposit which member referred by you made. They also offer huge database of attractive banners to make it even easier for promotors to find naive pople which will make deposit. Affiliate program is very often way which is used by hyip monitors to make money for self.
5) Hyip Monitors - Usually at HYIPs you could find popups which are showing information like "Paying since" "Last Paid" "Online Since" "Current status: PAYING" etc. These popups are coming from Hyip Monitors which were added by HYIP owner to make website look even more legitimate for potential new investors. Problem is only one that HYIP monitors are nothing else than ponzi riders which are making also profits on inviting unexperienced members to join these programs without reveal the hidden truth about this industry to them. Hyip monitors are very important part of hyip scammers network, and personally i dont see any diferrence between monitor owner and hyip owner, both are the same type of scammers! More about them i will wrote in another article.
6) SSL Protocol - Basing on it that usually bank websites are using https protocol to connect customers with their services, hyip owners also added this feature to make their website look as a secure investments place which care about members account privacy details and funds. Its also another trick which scammers use to make their website look even more legit to members which are still newbies in this industry.
7) DDoS Protection - Its a standard that the most of websites which could be a target of this type of attacks have to be protected by DDoS Protection. In HYIP's Industry everyone is trying to be at the top by destroying rivals which could take potential investors out from their website. Many people are thinking that this type of protection means that website will never gone offline. Thats true but only till the time when owner decide to close the website.
How to predict deadline of HYIP program?
Predicting of deadline of HYIP program is also not easy, some of them turned in to scam in 2 months, another ones after 2 years. Everything is based on offered investments plans, amount of daily traffic delivered by promotors, amount of new investors which are joining everyday, and finally on owner approach. There are 2 type of scammers, first one want to keep ponzi scheme paying for some time, second ones appeared only to get investments and close the website without any withdrawal made to members. Regarding 1st Group, basing on my observations, financial condition of Hyip Program can be easy predicted by basing on monthly traffic graph. As long as amount of unique visitors daily is growing, website is covered by lowest risk of turning scam. After growth stage is appearing stabilization period which is covered by medium/high risk, and finally decreasing stadium which is covered by highest risk. Dont ask me for more tips regarding it because, as i wrote i am not going to support scammers at my blog.
Hyips are not worth of your time and money!
Assuming, if i will be on your current position, i will never decide to invest any single cent anymore in these pseudo investments programs! Of course around the web you will find some guys which will keep talking that this one is safe, that this is not scam, etc. But in reality you will be never sure that this what they told you is the truth. I failed in to many HYIP websites in the past, My losses maybe werent big, but at all i lost in total about 200$ durring my trip with HYIP's. I am lucky that i didnt decided to invest more, as many people around the world did and learned a really painful lesson. If you are searching for way to make money on investments better start learning trading forex for own, i followed that way, and currently i am sure that everything depends only on me, i feel safe, comfortable that still money which i invested is mine. Hyips are programs for guys which want to earn by doing nothing else than putting money in, but i think that after reading my article i increased your awerness about this industry, and you will never appear as a victim of these fraud programs. Anyway I found good alternative for HYIP programs which is safer way to invest cash online, but i will describe it later, when i will have some time.

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